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You can create integrated and lasting solutions for your WeChat account to enhance your business to the next level.

Multiple functions can be realized only with 1 Malaysia WeChat Official Account!

Our Service

Regardless of what is your business, we can provide you with a relatively suitable solution of your business.

If our package fails to meet your needs, please submit your request form. Our specialists with customize services for you and makes your business closer to your customer.

WeChat Official Account Integration

Connect your existing WeChat Official Account integrate to the our system. We provide free submit form service to the WeChat official website. The additional costs incurred during the application period are collected by WeChat. The amount charged is mainly the WeChat official website.


Special Functions

Much of functions ready. From the popular micro-restaurants, micro bookings, micro malls, to the interaction with customers, you can get closer to your customers and increase your sales. Accept customized service to make your WeChat marketing different.

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User Guide

Provide customer service online guidance, video instructions, station tips to make it easy to get started, self-management and operation of your WeChat Official Account. If you encounter any situation during the operation can consult our customer service, we will try our best to solve it for you.



Provide a variety of marketing reference programs for free, enhance marketing concepts so that you can more easily display and master their own business. In addition, we also provide supporting hosting services so that you can easily no longer worry about innocent management.

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Let us Be Different

We constantly innovate and research, and challenge the development of different fields and markets. We take a positive and serious look at customer needs and strive to fulfill our commitment to our customers.

We are an innovative team

Will give you some new ideas, let you experience different ways of operating.

5 star subsidy team

Our customer service will give you 5 star support for your needs.

Complete one-stop service

As the beginning of the micro-major era will provide everything you need.

your business

Will be displayed in a new look

in front of customers


You can modify the content of your own display or we will do it for you

Convenient Use

Simple page and simple application management

Wide range of Applications

Explore the functions required in all major areas


A complementary plan for your vision

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